Charcot Marie Tooth Disease – About Diane Gracely

Diane Gracely was born with a hereditary disease called Charcot Marie Tooth disease. A neuromuscular disease with no cure.

charcot marie tooth

Diane Has Charcot Marie Tooth Disease.

drunk driver

Diane was hit by a drunk driver.









Diane was hit by a drunk driver on April 13, 2015.

Diane also has Fibrous Dysplasia of her temporal bone. FD causes severe edema of the left side of her body.

Her left eye, cheek, hand, leg, and foot. She has fluid drainage from her left ear every night while she sleeps.

fibrous dysplasia

Diane’s Swollen Face

She’s losing her hearing and eyesight of the left side.

Diane has not had an easy life, but she keeps going. She takes life one day at a time.

She’s a strong woman who has lived with these rare diseases since she was born.

Diane will be 54 years old in April 2018. She’s had many surgeries over the years.

Including having both of her feet totally reconstructed. She was laid up for 3 years

while having both feet reconstructed. She had gastric bypass surgery, 2 neck

fusions, gallbladder removal, thyroid surgery, and she’s been pushing off her need

of a back surgery from the accident.

Diane wanted to ride a motorcycle all of her life. She finally bought one about 3 years ago

only to find out she did not have the strength to hold up 2 wheels nor the balance to keep the bike shiny side up.

So she had a custom trike kit built for her bike.

diane gracely

Diane Gracely’s 4 Wheel Bike

Diane has good days and bad days.

On her good days she works online trying to earn some extra income.

On her bad days, she’s either in bed resting or on the couch.

Diane has a heart of gold and is always trying to help others.

She says she has to keep going, if she stops she’ll be worthless.

Diane is a go-getter. Her motto has always been “NEVER GIVE UP”.

She loves to tell her personal story to inspire others.

This is just a very SHORT version of Diane’s life, there’s so much more

to her story.